Functional Programming Patterns with Java8

Aug 13, 2018 | Voxxed Days Cluj-Napoca 2018

Victor Rentea is one of the top Independent Technical Trainer in Bucharest ( – he mentored, trained and coached almost 1000 developers of top companies. At IBM, even though they call him a Lead Architect, he loves to write code each day: he’s maniac about Clean Code, so prepare for some hard-core refactoring.¬†Victor is Associate Professor at Politehnica (UPB) and an active Java community member: organized the largest 3 JUG meetups in Bucharest. He’s a regular international conference speaker.

Java 8 is cool… But do you know to write elegant code with it? Have strong coffee and come to this insane live-coding session to see some real-life functional programming patterns extracted from production code.

After leading 2 projects making heavy use of Lambdas and Streams, counseling many others at IBM, and teaching hundreds¬†of developers at University and as an Independent Trainer, Victor will prove several best practices, patterns and anti-patterns he distilled over the years. All via a series of live coding exercises, like you’ve probably never saw in your life! You will hear about: Bloated Lambdas, A Happy Predicate, Stream Wrecks, How to Kill The Biggest Bug, Monads, Passing-a-block and The Loan Pattern, and 5 Ways to Implement Type-Specific Logic. Of course, as a Clean Code Maniac, Victor will always strive for maintainable, readable, elegant code. So you’ll see a lot of refactoring.

PS: You know, some Joe will maintain your Java8 code at some point. So let’s just hope Joe would be a nice safe guy…