Flying services with a drone

Sep 3, 2018 | Voxxed Days Cluj-Napoca 2018

Krzysztof Kudrynski is a passionate problem-solver with experience in design and implementation of algorithms including Artificial Intelligence, image processing and 3D environment reconstruction. Perfectionist in public presentations, author of best voted talks at international conferences including Devoxx and GeeCon. Expert in artificial intelligence, data analysis, computer vision and robotics. On a daily basis working for Tomtom, trying to squeeze the self-driving-car’s imagination within an SD card, and the cars’ eyes and ears within the tip of a side mirror.

Blazej Kubiak is enthusiast of all aspects of big data processing and all technologies that bring this enthusiasm from dream into reality. Blazej has been working in Tele Atlas and TomTom for eight years and has been involved in many challenging projects related to image and laser data processing. Blazej is one of the authors of automated traffic signs detection systems and bird-eye image mosaic creation tools. Currently he works as Expert Software Engineer in areas of Deep Neural Networks and self-driving cars.

A drone, a PC and a lot of patience. These are all the ingredients you need to start your adventure in the emerging world of flying services. We, as fanatic real-time strategy gamers, wanted our drone to listen to our commands given at the map level, revealing the terrain below it as it flies and creating a coherent and smooth map. However funny and amusing, this will be a presentation about serious, high-level technology, unpredictable ideas and insistent scientific struggle to make all the algorithmic meat work on a flying machine. During this presentation I will tell you how we created our first successful prototype, I will show the demonstration videos and will explain our technology based on video processing, accelerometer data control and localization using particle filtering algorithm. If you are planning to remotely prepare the map of the Moon (or your living room), you cannot miss this presentation.