The Modern Struggle of Web Development

Oct 16, 2018 | Voxxed Days Cluj-Napoca 2018

Alex Moldovan is one of the founders of JSHeroes and an active voice in the JavaScript community. His mission is to help and inspire others to build an accessible, secure and faster web.
How do you define quality? How do you measure quality? When do you decide that the software you are building is good enough? In the face of modern web development, we often forget that our most important role as engineers is to build quality products for our users. We get drawn into pointless arguments about frameworks and libraries, about practices and recipes. We strive to measure metrics which have zero impact on the user experience and at the end of the day we hide behind blunt arguments: “we don’t have time for X”, “web development is hard”, “JavaScript fatigue is killing me”. We are incredibly passionate about some of the tools we are using, but often disconnected from the needs of our users. Let us channel that passion and energy behind real problems so that we can build an accessible, inclusive, faster and safer experience for everyone. In this talk, we will identify the relevant aspects of quality and we will explore metrics, tools and practices that you can use in your everyday project to ensure a baseline for software quality.