Victor Rentea – Speaker interview

Nov 5, 2018 | Speaker Interview, Voxxed Days Cluj-Napoca 2018

Victor Rentea is one of the top Independent Technical Trainer in Bucharest (victorrentea.ro) – he mentored, trained and coached almost 1000 developers of top companies. At IBM, even though they call him a Lead Architect, he loves to write code each day: he’s maniac about Clean Code, so prepare for some hard-core refactoring. Victor is Associate Professor at Politehnica (UPB) and an active Java community member: organized the largest 3 JUG meetups in Bucharest. He’s a regular international conference speaker.

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself. What are your hobbies and interests?

I am an independent trainer and a Clean Code evangelist. I am really attracted by Simplicity, elegant code, and teaching.

Q. Why did you select this topic for your session at Voxxed Days Cluj-Napoca 2018?

It’s super-useful for the attendees. It summarizes in just 1 hour years of experience and pain. In a funny, interactive way, I will convey deep knowledge about how to use Java8 wisely.

Q. Who should attend your session? 

Anyone interested in Java 8 best practices.

Q. What are the key things attendees will take away from your session? 

How to write clean code with Java 8. Plus many clean code and design principles.

Q. Aside from speaking at Voxxed Days Cluj-Napoca 2018, what is the year review look like for you?

I have spoken to many conferences: Devoxx FR, Devoxx UK, Voxxed Days Bucharest, TechFest Bucharest, DevTalks Bucharest. Bucharest JUG and I’ll speak at Codecamp Bucharest and at Devoxx Belgium.

Q. What are your plans for the next year?

Lots of conferences and workshops attached to conferences.