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Ciprian Borodescu is a tech-business in-between guy, passionate about entrepreneurship and building product teams. He’s passionate about entrepreneurship, web, blockchain and AI … not necessarily in this order. His personal blog is cborodescu.com

Alexandra Anghel is co-founder and software engineer at MorphL – a platform that uses machine learning to predict users’ behavior in mobile & web applications. MorphL is my second startup, I’ve also co-founded Appticles, a platform for creating progressive web apps. Before starting Appticles, I owned an outsourcing company. I’m co-founder of Codette, a community for women interested in IT&C. Codette promotes education at all levels and create opportunities for women to fulfill their potential through workshops, meetups, conferences, hackatons and grants.

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TALK: AI-enhanced UX

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Q. Tell us a bit about yourself. What are your hobbies and interests?


I’m a tech-business in-between guy, passionate about entrepreneurship and building communities. 

* 2005 started my first web agency, grew it to a decent size with customers all over the world. 

* 2010 went through Startupbootcamp business accelerator in Copenhagen/Denmark. 

* 2014 raised a seed round (up to €200,000) for Appticles.com from LaunchHub (EU). 

* 2016 raised a second seed round from Prosper Entrepreneurs in St. Louis, Missouri (US). 

Since 2015 I’m also the organizer of BucharestJS – a JavaScript developer group in Bucharest/Romania which grew to one of the biggest in the region with over 3,000 members.

In 2016, I founded and co-organized JSHacks – a series of JavaScript Hackathons happening at the same time in different cities across EU. 2018 – Proud recipients of Google Digital News Innovation Grant (€50,000) to develop MorphL: AI-enhanced UX. My favorite quote (and personal motto): “The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is”, Jim Carrey

Love to play tennis, ping-pong and squash.


I’m co-founder and software engineer at MorphL – a platform that uses machine learning to predict users’ behavior in mobile & web applications. I have a technical background, I’m a software engineer with over 10 years experience. I’m also co-founder of Codette, a community for women interested in IT&C. Codette promotes diversity and education at all levels and creates opportunities for women to fulfill their potential through workshops, meetups, conferences, hackatons and grants.

Q. Why did you select this topic for your session at Voxxed Days Cluj-Napoca 2018?

We’ve been working on predicting user behaviors in mobile/web applications since the beginning of 2018 after we got the grant from Google DNI. In doing so, we’ve been exposed to different use-cases from churn predictions to predicting user search intent or purchase prediction. This talk explores practical points of implementing these use-cases in an open-source big data & ML architecture. 

Q. Who should attend your session? 

This is suitable for mobile/web application developers that are interested in exploring or implementing ML in their products. 

Q. What are the key things attendees will take away from your session? 


From a business perspective, there is one main take away: start from the use-case and understand if ML is actually the right tool to solve that specific problem. More often than not, you’ll find that AI/ML is not the solution to all your problems or cannot be used to solve it because you do not have the data for it.


Adding to what Ciprian said, from a technical perspective, ML and software engineers can take a peak at a Big Data infrastructure. We will also present the MorphL tech stack and talk about the challenges we have encountered while building the platform.

Q. Aside from speaking at Voxxed Days Cluj-Napoca 2018, what is the year review look like for you?

It was a pivotal year for me because I have started this new venture called MorphL and already got validation by being funded through Google DNI and (recently) European Data Incubator. It was a busy, busy 2018 and I’m extremely excited about 2019!


Q. What are your plans for the next year?

We started MorphL as an open-source product and we’re looking to grow the community around it. We’re also preparing a commercial version and looking to offer it as a SaaS cloud version to companies. Like I said, 2019 is going to be extremely exciting. 

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