RSocket – new Reactive cross-network Protocol

by | Dec 18, 2018 | Voxxed Days Bucharest 2019

Oleh Dokuka is mainly Java Software Engineer / Consultant focused on distributed systems development adopting ReactiveManifesto and ReactiveProgramming techniques. Opensource geek, the active contributor to ProjectReactor. Along with that, Public speaker and Author of the book “Reactive Programming is Spring 5.0“. Also, an active contributor to the community’s development as co-organizer of Rockstar Night meetups, and as a part of the program committee of conferences such as Devoxx Ukraine, JEEConf, Kotlin Night. Previously gave speeches at JEEConf 2017, JavaDay 2017 (Top 5), JavaDay Istanbul 2017, JBreak 2018 (Top 10), JEEConf 2018 (Top 3), JPrime 2018, RigaDevDays 2018 (Top 2), JDD 2018, GeeCON Prague 2018, Joker 2018.

Are you doing microservices? Got exhausted of slow REST? Got mad of unreliable gRPC? An answer is RSocket. RSocket in a new network protocol with reactive streams semantic. It will make your system super fast and resilient. Come and learn why RSocket is the future of any cross-services communication.

The new generation of cross-service communication is coming and called RSocket. RSocket is a new protocol that embracing Reactive Streams semantic into cross-service messaging. This protocol enables backpressure-control and allows building canonical Reactive-System. Even though the protocol offers asynchronous messages’ streaming, there have already been a few competitors in this area by that time. One of those competitors is well-known gRPC. In this session, we are going to learn why RSocket is innovation solution for cross-server communication, can we compare it with gRPC at all and if can, what are the key differences between RSocket and gRPC and why we have to start using RSocket today.