Apache Camel K: ~1 sec. build and deploy on Kubernetes

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Voxxed Days Bucharest 2019

Peter Palaga is senior software engineer for JBoss Fuse at Red Hat, mostly taking case for Fuse on EAP and WildFly Camel. Earlier, he worked on JBoss EAP, Hawkular and other Red Hat Middleware projects. The author of srcdeps and contributor to several Maven and Gradle plugins.

Interested in seeing your Camel application redeployed on Kubernetes ~1 second after you have changed your Java code?

Camel K is a new subproject of Apache Camel that aims at simplifying and speeding up the development process of Camel applications. In this talk we will present a few tricks that helped us to achieve that: custom Kubernetes Operator, custom Kubernetes resources, reuse of build images based on the set of dependencies and use of a ConfigMap to mount the changing bits to a container. We’ll explain the underlying concepts and run a live demo.