Hands-on lab: Spring Boot + MongoDB = ❤️

by | Feb 3, 2019 | Voxxed Days Bucharest 2019

Dan Geabunea is known as a passionate software developer who is always looking to learn something new.

In 2010, he started his career as a .NET web programmer. Four years later, he was given the opportunity to work on Java projects. We was thrilled by the idea of learning a new programming language so he jumped right in. Today, he loves developing cool apps in C#, Java, and JavaScript. In 2016, hecreated his blog and YouTube channel, where he publishes tutorials, tips, and thoughts on software development and technology. He is thrilled when his articles and tutorials help someone learn new things.

In this workshop you will go from 0 to a fully functional web application that uses Spring Boot and MongoDB.

By the end of this workshop, all participants will learn:

  • the core concepts of MongoDB
  • how to integrate MongoDB data-sources in SpringBoot applications
  • how to perform CRUD operations or complex queries using QueryDSL
  • when to use MongoDB instead of a relational database
  • various tips and tricks that will make working with MongoDB enjoyable Last but not least, participants will be comfortable to use these technologies in new and existing applications, at work or on hobby projects.

In order to attend this workshop, the participants should have:

  • experience with Java development
  • a minimal experience with Spring and Spring Data
  • a laptop with the latest version of Java installed and a Java IDE like IntelliJ or Eclipse
  • curiosity to learn something new 🙂