Full-day Workshop:

Start hunting the Bugs – Mutation Testing

This workshop is for developers that are activily coding in Java with focus on Core Java.

Why this workshop?


TDD is a powefull technique, but it dependes on the developer a lot.

With Mutation Testing you are able to increase your quality and it will help you to deliver always best test coverage, compared to pure line coverage.

What will you learn?

We will have a lot of practical excercises so that you will have good base for your daily work after this workshop.

 Junit5 will be part of this workshop, to make sure that you have all needed informations that we are using, we will start with core jUnit5 and Java8.

 You will learn:

• The theoretical part what mutation testing is and how it works
• The difference compared to other testing strategies
• How to start in a new project with mutation testing
• How to optimize mutation testing strategies for larger projects
• How to start  in legacy projects with mutation testing
• How you can use the reports for
○ Developers
○ Project Leads and Managers

 We will start using it with core Java and step by step we are extending it up to full stack tests of a web app.

All of this will be in Core Java. If you are coding in kotlin as well, you will be able to try this too.

Who is the trainer?

Sven is working as Developer Advocate for Vaadin and is a Oracle Groundbraker Anbassador (Developer Champion).

He is speaking regularly at conferences in US, Europe and Australia.

Sven Ruppert is coding Java in industrial environments since  1996, specialized on refactoring of legacy java systems, code quality, design patterns, functional programming in Core Java and has as Consultant in backend- / distributed- systems using Core Java a long history.

WorkTechnical requirements:

You will need a Laptop  with

– installed JDK (JDK10 and JDK11 should work as well)
– Installed maven (3.6.x)
– Admin rights, that you are able to use your Laptop without company VPN and other possible challanges
– Git installed and running/usable
– An Environment like IntelliJ, Netbeans or Eclipse. (The trainer only uses IntelliJ sind 2004 and has no experience with the other ones)
– Installed Browser like Chrome or Firefox ( IE/Edge or Safari is not supported in this workshop)

 A github account would be comfortable but not needed. Git usage basics are very helpful.



Developer Advocate @Vaadin