Quarkus: the supersonic and subatomic Java

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Voxxed Days Bucharest 2019

Peter Palaga is senior software engineer for JBoss Fuse at Red Hat, mostly taking case for Fuse on EAP and WildFly Camel. Earlier, he worked on JBoss EAP, Hawkular and other Red Hat Middleware projects. The author of srcdeps and contributor to several Maven and Gradle plugins.


Java web application ready to serve requests in <10 milliseconds after start and occupying <40 MB on disk? With Hibernate ORM connected to PostgreSQL, Undertow web server, RESTEasy, CDI and Transaction Manager? 


Come and see how Quarkus makes all the above possible on top of  Graal/SubstrateVM using new techniques such as Build Time Metadata Processing, Compile Time Boot; how runtime reflection can be eliminated at buid time, etc.


May sound geeky, but Quarkus still offers the first class developer experience: it shields you perfectly from the complexity of GraalVM, there is a dev mode with instant reload, it is easy for the 80% most common use case and flexible for the remaining 20%. You do not need to learn a new technologies, because Quarkus supports existing best of breed libs and standards, such as Hibernate/JPA, JTA, CDI, JAX-RS, Eclipse MicroProfile and much more! 

A 5 ms demo will be included 😉