Venkat Subramaniam – Speaker interview

by | Mar 12, 2019 | Speaker Interview, Voxxed Days Bucharest 2019

Dr. Venkat Subramaniam is an award-winning author, founder of Agile Developer, Inc., creator of agilelearner.com, and an instructional professor at the University of Houston.

He has trained and mentored thousands of software developers in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia, and is a regularly-invited speaker at several international conferences. Venkat helps his clients effectively apply and succeed with sustainable agile practices on their software projects.

Venkat is a (co)author of multiple technical books, including the 2007 Jolt Productivity award winning book Practices of an Agile Developer. You can find a list of his books at agiledeveloper.com

Keynote: Mixed Paradigms: The Method to Madness

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself. What are your hobbies and interests?

A critical thinker who like hiking the mountains, mostly to be away from the computers so I can think a bit deeper.


Q. Why did you select this topic for your session at Voxxed Days Bucharest 2019?

After programming for a few decades in multiple paradigms I realize there is not one perfect way to write code. Mixing the paradigms makes a lot more sense than sticking adamantly to one. I would like to share my learning and thoughts in this area so others can make their own decision and benefit from the power of the paradigms.


Q. Who should attend your session? 

Programmers, technical leads, architects, technical managers.


Q. What are the key things attendees will take away from your session? 

Why we should learn about multiple paradigms, why should we mix them, and how to stay sane in the mean time. 🙂 


Q. Aside from speaking at Voxxed Days Bucharest, what are your other plans for this year?

Completing a book, speaking at other events, teaching for clients, working on a few consulting projects, teach at the university, hike some more mountains, and speak at a few user groups. I think I am forgetting one or two more things that I have on schedule.