The power of mobile web browsers

by | Mar 31, 2019 | Voxxed Days Frontend 2019

Michał Michalczuk is a strongly web oriented full-stack software developer and IT trainer. Both fascinated and terrified by technology advancement. Sometimes scrum master, architect, team leader, speaker. TypeScript fan and promoter.

As front-end dev he is focused on TypeScript and Angular but he is constantly exploring new frameworks and areas.

As back-end dev he prefers Asp.net with C# or Node.js, but vary of technologies and languages went through his fingers. He used to work with WPF, Silverlight, Python and Django, Visual Basic or PHP. He loves to talk and share knowledge and also fixing “unsolvable” git problems 🙂

Last year Progressive Web Apps was a huge buzzword. There are opinions that says this is the future, and native mobile apps can be replaced by them. But one thing is missing in this discussion – access to smartphone equipment, memory or OS parameters.

During my presentation I will show you less known browsers API and demonstrate how to get information about users phone.

The presentation will take place directly in your device so you will see real examples, not cold facts.

Warning: Please take your smartphone and connect to the network for this presentation