Microservices in frontend: architectures and solutions

by | Apr 2, 2019 | Voxxed Days Frontend 2019

Mikhail Kuznetcov is an experienced software engineer. Speaker, OS contributor, conducting courses and webinars on modern JavaScript. Sailing addict.

Modern frontend has grown in complexity and technologies diversity dramatically last decade. Usual case are apps of >100KLOC with multiple teams shipping code daily. One of the ways to deal with support and further growth of such projects is to apply microservices approach to frontend stack.

There are several solutions in the ecosystem that can enable multiple frameworks run seamlessly within one main uber-SPA. This enables common benefits of microservices approach: freedom of technology choice, separate deployments, faster new developers on-boarding due to reduced complexity of each sub-module, etc. Also this might be a migration path for large frontend monoliths.