Full-day workshop:

Progressive Web Adventures Applications

Why this workshop?

Mobile app development has been a dominant force in shaping the marketing landscape for small and large businesses alike. Native apps can make sense depending on an organization’s size and needs. We use our mobile devices a lot and a large amount of that time is spent using apps. However, the remainder of that time is spent browsing and searching the web from the mobile device. 

 But what about people who don’t have or cannot download your app? Or current customers on a desktop computer? What about people with limited space on their phones who delete apps to make room for other things? What is their experience like?

 This is where progressive web apps (sometimes referred to as PWAs) shine. They combine the best features of the web with capabilities previously only available to native apps. Progressive web apps can be launched from an icon on the home screen or in response to a push notification. They load nearly instantaneously and can be built to work offline.

 Progressive web apps simply work. They are an enhancement to your website. No one needs to install anything to use a progressive web app. The first time someone visits your website, the features of a progressive web app are available immediately – no app stores (unless you want them). 

What will you learn?

This workshop is built around different technologies that put together will help create a Progressive Web Application:

– Web App Manifest

– Service Workers

– Background Synchronization

– Web Push Notifications

– Accessing the native device capabilities

During this workshop, we will gradually transform a web application into a PWA and explore the underlying technologies that make them tick.

Who is the trainer?

Radu Enuca has 15+ years of experience in designing and developing software solutions for various domains (health, payments, e-government, banking, etc.) and using a wide range of technologies (Microsoft Azure, BizTalk Server, Google APIs, SAS, .NET, AngularJs, Angular, Polymer). In his career he wore different hats, from developer to architect and from trainer to team leader, currently being Chapter Lead at ING Tech.


He is passionate about computer languages (trying to learn one every year) and web technologies. He enjoys coaching and mentoring people and he speaks at various student teaching programs , ING internal conferences or organizing the Front End Guild in ING Tech Romania.

Technical requirements:

Basic understanding of the following topics:

– HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ES6/ECMAScript2015+)

– JavaScript Promises

– Fetch API

– Indexed DB

 While the first topic is a hard requirement for the rest, there are some introductory hands-on materials present.




Chapter lead @ ING Tech