Full-day workshop:

State management in Angular with NgRx

Why this workshop?


State management is a bit complex and NgRx is not that easily grasped by beginners. In this workshop, you’ll go from what is NgRx, to using it in your production-ready applications successfully. 

We’ll explain and go through all the building blocks of NgRx. Progressively adding them to an application so everyone gets a better grasp about the concepts. Live coding included.

Knowing how and when to use NgRx is an essential skill for any Angular developer.

What will you learn?

You will learn what Redux is and how it’s implemented in NgRx. How to add NgRx to an Angular application and all the needed parts (Reducers, Actions, and Effects).
How to debug issues using the Store Devtools and how to link the Angular Router to the NgRx Store.  
We’ll start from a simple, already built, application and with each exercise add some more NgRx features to it.

Who is the trainer?

Adrian Fâciu – Adrian is a passionate software architect. Working with Angular, RxJs, NgRx, TypeScript and other web technologies.

Writing code at Visma and technical blog posts for Angular in Depth. Learning something new each day and trying to share some of the things he grasps.

Who is it for?
Angular developers that want to learn how to manage state in their applications using NgRx. Either if you want to use it for the current or next project, or just to get a grasp of it, to be able to make more informed decisions.

Technical requirements:

Prior knowledge of Angular (and TypeScript) is needed. No knowledge of NgRx is required, this will be covered during the day. A laptop with Node and preferably Git installed. Your editor of choice, would recommend VS Code.




Passionate developer, software architect & trainer @ Visma