Stargazing for developers: A beautiful twinkling night sky with shooting stars powered by CSS & SVG

by | Apr 8, 2019 | Voxxed Days Frontend 2019

Georgios Kaleadis has learned coding with Flash 4 as a young teenager and worked in the advertisement industry for the next 15 years. Today he’s a Frontend Developer for enterprise applications. His side projects are playgrounds to stay experienced with other frameworks and technologies. In his spare time he teaches coding to kids, loves to tinker around with WebGL & Arduino and folds Origami.

Dear romantics, scientists and developers — this is for you. Let me take your hand on a journey to the stars. We will travel faster than light to explore a star far away.

With the knowledge gathered we will build step by step a twinkling night sky with our beloved web technologies. Shooting Stars can’t be missed in any night sky and we will create random ones with the power of CSS Variables.

After my talk you will know interesting facts about the universe together with the knowledge to create your very own night sky with SVG & CSS.