From Relay to Apollo, a story of GraphQL clients

by | Apr 28, 2019 | Voxxed Days Frontend 2019

Mihai Cîrlănaru is a Senior Engineering Manager at Hudl, a software company that builds performance analysis tools for sports at every level. He splits his time between building core features for Hudl’s sport platform, managing developers, and being actively involved in the React and JavaScript communities. His experience encompasses a wide range of fields, from robotics and natural language processing to front end web design and user experience.

GraphQL is becoming the norm for defining an application’s API, however, taking full advantage of it requires a deep knowledge of the popular GraphQL clients out there. Having used both Relay and Apollo in a production environment that serves millions of users, Mihai has a few tips and tricks to share.

In this talk he will provide a comparative view of the most popular JavaScript GraphQL clients (i.e. Relay and Apollo), focusing on their API, their biggest selling point, and how they are used in the wild. Additionally he will share the story behind the move from Relay to Apollo at Hudl, focusing on the motivation and lessons learned from this decision.