The Human Side of Accessibility

by | Sep 4, 2019 | Voxxed Days Cluj-Napoca 2019

Alex Moldovan is one of the founders of JSHeroes and an active voice in the JavaScript community. His mission is to help and inspire others to build an accessible, secure and faster web.

Usually overlooked when building websites, accessibility often has to be enforced by laws and regulatory compliance. Hence the development community has mixed feelings and understanding about it. Most web developers are fearful of the day when they will be assigned to an accessibility bug. Let’s change this. Let’s make accessibility work rewarding and meaningful. Because what is accessibility, if not a fundamental need for many of our users? If we treat accessibility as an after-thought, we’re building a pyramid without a base. Accessibility is about people and is a critical part of the user experience and should be addressed from the early stages of a project.

I want to inspire individuals and teams to embrace accessibility as a daily practice and to investigate and discover accessibility issues before consultants and auditors step in. We’re also going to have a look at some practices and tools that can help teams and organizations build accessible and inclusive web applications.