Full-day workshop:

Spring Security

The purpose of this course is to drive you through developing secured Spring applications using different architectural styles. 

Why this workshop?

 Your applications and the data they manage are one of your organization’s most valuable assets. No company wants their applications easily cracked by malicious attackers or left vulnerable by avoidable errors.

Today, Spring Framework is the first choice for developing enterprise applications with Java, and Spring Security has become the de facto for building the authorization layer on Spring applications.

The specialized Spring Security framework reduces the time and workforce required to create reliable authorization, authentication, and other security features for your Java enterprise software. Thanks to Spring Security, you can easily bake security into your applications, from design right through to implementation.

You should join this workshop if you:

– Develop applications with Spring Framework

– Want to apply authentication and authorization using Spring Security

– Need to apply Spring Security on various architectures

– Want to better understand the best practices in applying security depending on the system architecture

 During this workshop, the trainer will drive you through developing secured Spring applications using different architectural styles. You will apply Spring Security for basic authentication as well as using OAuth2. You’ll discuss the approach of applying security on standard single-thread-per-request applications as well as reactive applications. Finally, you’ll end the topic with a discussion on the essential part of testing your application.

What will you learn?

  1. Why is security important. Top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities
  2. Applying basic authentication using Spring Security
  3. Using OAuth2 and OpenID Connect within the system architecture
  4. Securing the service level with global method security
  5. How does Spring Security apply to reactive applications
  6. Unit Testing in Spring Security implementations


What should you know?  

  • Intermediate knowledge of Java
  • A fundamental understanding of Spring Framework
  • Basic understanding of JPA (nice to have)


Who is it for?

Developers with Spring and technical architects.

Who is the trainer?

Laurentiu Spilca is a dedicated development lead and trainer at Endava, where he leads the development of a project in the financial market of European Nordic countries.

 He has over nine years of experience. Previously, he was a software developer building one of the biggest ERP solutions with worldwide installations. Laurentiu believes it’s essential to not only deliver high-quality software but also share knowledge and help others to up-skill. These believes have driven him to design and teach courses related to Java technologies and deliver presentations and workshops. As a Java instructor, Laurentiu delivered thousands of hours of trainings to 3000+ students in the past 10 years, recently being involved in courses at the Mathematics and Informatics Faculty of Bucharest University. During the previous couple of years, Laurentiu has delivered presentations, tutorials and workshops at different important events around the world: in Bucharest, New York, San Francisco, Warsaw, Belgrad, Berlin, and many more.

 To keep close to the community, he has also started a YouTube channel dedicated to Java and adjacent technologies where he presents topics for beginner to advanced developers.

 Recently, Laurentiu released together with Manning Publications an early access of the book “Spring Security In Action”. The book will be printed on paper in the fall of 2020.

 Outside of work, Laurentiu is passionate about traveling, music, and scuba diving.




Technical requirements:

You need a personal laptop with your favorite IDE, JDK 8+, working maven, and Git.



Trainer and Development Lead @ Endava