From ksqlDB with <3 Love <3: Detecting 007s presence with a Grain of ML

by | Jan 25, 2020 | Voxxed Days Bucharest 2020

Hans-Peter Grahsl is working as a technical trainer at NETCONOMY in Graz, Austria. As an independent engineer & consultant he is working with customers to build on-premise or cloud-based data architectures using the event streaming platform Apache Kafka together with NoSQL data stores. Hans-Peter is also an associate lecturer for Software Engineering at CAMPUS 02 and occasionally speaks at developer conferences.

Over the last few years, the stream processing landscape has seen enormous growth. In fact, it has become a maze for which it is rather difficult to find one’s way through. People and companies are thus somewhat hesitant to adopt new streaming technologies since they are struggling to decide which “horse to bet on”…

This session highlights several important aspects to watch out for before blindly stepping into “streaming waters” based on a premature decision. By means of several practical elements centered around a memorable and fun example featuring the fictional Secret Service agent 007, this talk explores how well ksqlDB – the event streaming database for Apache Kafka – is able to cope with the following criteria:

– learning curve characteristics

– extensibility options to reach beyond OOTB features

– integration paths with machine learning related tools & services

– choices for how to deploy and operate workloads

– additional infrastructure needs