Hands-on lab: Get your hands dirty with Quarkus: The Container First Cloud Native Java

by | Feb 2, 2020 | Voxxed Days Bucharest 2020

Georgios Andrianakis is a Senior Software Engineer working for Red Hat where He works on Java frameworks like Spring and Quarkus while also exploring their synergies with cloud native systems like Kubernetes and Openshift. 

Ioannis Canellos has more than 15 years experience as Java developer 8 of which are as full time Open Source developer.  He is a member of the Apache Software Foundation with contribution to numerous projects as a committer and PMC member. He is currently working as a Principal Software Engineer at RedHat as part of Red Hat Spring team, where he spends most of his time implementing tools and frameworks related to KubernetesOpenshift and Spring Boot. He is also the creator of Spring Cloud Kubernetes, Fabric8 Kubernetes Framework, Dekorate and Apache Karaf Cellar.

Java has long been considered a bad match for microservices development due to the high memory consumption and slow startup time that were associated with traditional frameworks. Quarkus, a new microservices Java stack changes all that by consuming very little memory and providing excellent startup time all the while by providing amazing developer productivity and integration with the most widely used Java libraries and frameworks. Furthermore it allows users to effortlessly compile the application to a native binary by leveraging GraalVM. Come to this session to see an introduction to Quarkus and see it in action with plenty of live coding.