The Quantum Cryptography Apocalypse

by | Feb 2, 2020 | Voxxed Days Bucharest 2020

James Birnie has worked in software since the 1990s, when TDD was something you studied but never did, Agile and Lean were words used to describe athletes and pipelines were for carrying oil. After working in a startup for 9 years he started a new life as a consultant and now spends his working days at Codurance trying (and occasionally succeeding) to effect positive organisational change through enabling others to deliver high quality products.

Shor’s algorithm will break RSA. How far away is this cryptography apocalypse? It might still be a few years away, or longer, or it might be closer than you think. Probably both at the same time. Google announced quantum superiority, whether or not this claim is substantiated it has reinvigorated the buzz around quantum technologies in general and quantum computing in particular which can only bring the end of RSA closer. In this talk I’ll explain in as simple terms as is possible, how Shor’s algorithm works and what we can do to stay crypto-safe in future. Don’t worry if you have never used a quantum computer, you will find this talk entertaining, engaging and informative.