Progressive Delivery in Kubernetes

by | Feb 9, 2020 | Voxxed Days Bucharest 2020

Ștefan Prodan is a Developer Experience engineer at Weaveworks and an open source contributor to cloud-native projects like Flagger, FluxCD, Helm Operator, OpenFaaS and others. He worked as a software architect and a DevOps consultant, helping companies embrace DevOps and the SRE movement. Stefan has over 15 years of experience with software development and he enjoys programming in Go and writing about distributed.

 You might have heard about progressive delivery – it’s an umbrella term for various deployment techniques (eg. Canary releases, Dark launches, A/B testing, Blue-Green mirroring) meant to reduce the risk of introducing new software versions in production.

In this session, Stefan will talk about what it takes to adopt progressive delivery for Kubernetes and how Flagger and service meshes can make deployments safer by limiting the impact of a failed release.