From Wonder Woman to Avengers: the team rescues the heroes

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Voxxed Days Bucharest 2020

Adriana Nițescu is a mom and in her spare time staff software engineer at Pivotal Labs Paris where she works on greenfield or transformation projects. Since June 2019 she coorganise the Spring Meetup Paris. #SoftwareEngineer #SpringCertified #TDD #Architecture #DDD

Companies usually invest everything on a single providential person to conduct a project. Despite the failures at long term, they are keeping this method because it guarantees the success at short term.

Only a team as a whole can succeed at long term and we are gonna see how with cats and code.

Pair programming and TDD well practiced, allow us to have refactorable code so that all new ideas are easily integrated. The transfer of knowledge in the team is fluid, natural and continuous, good ideas and methods mutually enrich each other.

When practicing the two together, your team will be composed of people having each a very important place and contributing at their best for the long term project success.