7 ways GraphQL empowers you

by | Feb 16, 2020 | Voxxed Days Bucharest 2020

Niek Palm is working for more than 10 years in various function in IT he did a lot of open source based development, had architecture roles, setup continuous delivery for several projects and made several trainings and workshops. Currently he is working as Software Architect for Philips Research on rapid prototyping and using dozen of modern technologies like AWS, Terraform, Spring Cloud, GraphQL, React, React Native, GitLabCi, Docker, Kubernets, and much more.

Are you using GraphQL? We have so many opportunities to use the power of GraphQL. Perhaps you’re already using GraphQL in your greenfield work but did you realize there are great opportunities to use GraphQL in your existing architecture? Or in cases you are even not aware?

This talk will show you how to use GraphQL in seven different ways. We will walk through options such as serverless, client side only, wrapping existing REST services, backend only by type definition, and a few more. Examples will be a mix of demos and live coding.