The Call of Ctooling: The Secrets Behind Native Image Building

by | Sep 22, 2021 | Voxxed Days Romania 2021

During his PhD, Edoardo Vacchi researched language design and implementation at University of Milan. After three years at UniCredit’s R&D dept, I have joined Red Hat’s Middleware team, where I work on the Drools rule engine, the jBPM platform and the Kogito project.

You have learned about the “Closed World Assumption”. You live by the rule “Thou Shall Sparingly Use Reflection”. You know that “From the Powerful defineClass Comes Great Responsibility”. And yet you were still left to wonder: what is it still eluding me?

What is the secret ingredient that I am still missing?

Join us for a short, but deeper dive into some of the dark magic behind GraalVM’s native image builder: heap snapshotting and build-time initialization. And learn more about other obscure projects investigating the craft of static Java compilation.