Be a better Spring developer with 10 pro tips

by | Sep 23, 2021 | Voxxed Days Romania 2021

Laurențiu Spilcă is a a dedicated development lead and trainer at Endava, where I lead the development of a project with worldwide installations. He works as a software developer and trainer since 2007. It is his belief that in software development it’s essential to not only deliver high-quality software but also share knowledge and help others to up-skill. These believes have driven him to design and teach courses related to Java technologies and deliver presentations and workshops.

As a Java instructor, he delivered thousands of hours of trainings to 3000+ students in the past 10 years, recently being involved in courses at the Mathematics and Informatics Faculty of Bucharest University. During the previous couple of years, he delivered presentations, tutorials, and workshops at different important events around the world: in Bucharest, New York, San Francisco, Warsaw, Belgrad, Berlin, and many more.

To keep in touch with the community he also started a YouTube channel dedicated to Java and adjacent technologies where he presents topics for beginner to advanced developers.

Recently, he released together with Manning Publications the book “Spring Security In Action”, and he is currently working on his second book, “Spring Quickly“.

Outside of work, he is  passionate about traveling, music, and scuba diving.


Spring is today one of the most used frameworks in the Java ecosystem. Many Java developers use Spring for implementing apps on a daily basis.

But are you sure you use what Spring offers in the best possible way?

In this presentation, we’ll discuss 10 pro tips that will help you implement better Spring apps. You’ll learn hints for developing better apps in the following fields:

Dependency injection

Spring aspects


Clean Design