Efficient Spring Data REST development

by | Sep 23, 2021 | Voxxed Days Romania 2021

Cătălin Tudose is an experienced software engineer, working with Java since early 2000s. He took part in various telecommunications and financial projects, as a Java senior developer, Java technical team lead, and architect.

He also developed and delivered training for companies and universities on subjects like Java, Spring, Hibernate, Design Patterns, Code Refactoring, Automated Testing, and Software Architecture. Together with Luxoft, he initiated and introduced the “Advanced Java Programming” course for the students pursuing their master’s degree at the Faculty of Automation and Computer Science in Bucharest.

He wrote “JUnit in Action” 3rd edition and is the author of 6 courses and 1 project on the Pluralsight platform

The talk will demonstrate how to efficiently build a Spring Data REST application: from its initial creation, introducing the usage of ETags to optimize the server access through caching and conditional requests, working with REST events, altering the default view through projections and excerpts, introducing Spring Data Reactive.

The talk will cover the following:

– the initial creation of the Spring Data REST application
– Introducing ETags to optimize the server access through caching and conditional requests
– REST events (working with handlers and listeners)
– Introducing projections and excerpts to alter the default view provided by the application
– Introducing the Spring Data Reactive approach
– Questions