7D’s of Developing and Delivering Technology

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Voxxed Days Romania 2021

John Papa is a dedicated father and husband, a professional Web Developer, and professional storyteller in the technology community. He currently is a Principal Cloud Advocate for Microsoft and has formerly worked for Disney on several web and mobile applications that you may have used.

His passions are coding and teaching modern web technologies and enjoying everything Disney with his family.

John is a co-host of the Web Rush podcast, author of the Angular Style Guide, and many popular Pluralsight online videos courses.

You can listen John at Web Rush https://webrush.io

How do you know when you’re done delivering that code? What is done? Are you confident it till stay up and running? Are you confident that the bug you fixed didn’t break something else? Are you confident someone else could pick up your code and run with it?

Writing code is the easy part, everything after it is the hard part. Following the 7 D’s of development will help you deliver higher quality product and make you feel more confident about saying “it’s done”.