Designing a Real-World Clean Architecture – Lessons Learned building Filbo

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Voxxed Days Romania 2021

Adrian Nasui is Chief Technology Officer at Filbo, Romanian Fintech dedicated to small businesses. 14 years experience in building software & products. Previously held a Technical Lead role at EY’s Innovation Lab in Bucharest & Technical Lead role for Everymatrix’s GamMatrix core engine. Master’s degree in IT Security from The Bucharest University of Economic Studies.

Areas of expertise:
Building software & products, involved in architecture, design, development and release of software and solutions.
Implementing complete software development life-cycle using Agile principles.
Cloud Architecture – Leveraging cloud technology for obtaining flexible and scalable solutions.
Integrating and implementing digital transformation initiatives & efforts to streamline and modernize an organization’s processes.

Filbo aims is to bring the joy of being an entrepreneur front and center and give back the freedom of creativity. It is a fintech product being developed with love and passion by a talented and driven team based in Romania.

To support our business goals, we design and build the Filbo Platform, which comprises of multiple services that work together to solve real-world problems and provide value to the world. The services are distributed, cloud native and built using a proven and beloved technology stack – .NET, React, SQL, Git, Azure.

In this talk Adrian will present core principles of the Filbo Platform, the Filbo Architecture, decisions that are constantly made, some lessons learned, and, why not, some Clean Architecture philosophy.