Keynote: Why The Future of Java in the Cloud is Serverless

by | Mar 6, 2022 | Voxxed Days Bucharest 2022

Developer (Architect), Consultant, Trainer, Podcaster and Java enthusiast Adam Bien uses Java since JDK 1.0 and JavaScript since LiveScript and still enjoys writing code.

Adam regularly organizes Java / Web / Cloud / Architectures online live workshops https://airhacks.live and monthly Q&A live streaming show: https://airhacks.tv.

In this keynote, we discuss the pros and cons of monoliths, microservices, containers, fat functions, “Java Functions,” and Event-Driven Architectures; to answer the question: “What is the most efficient and most productive Java architecture for the clouds?”

Let’s make it even more interactive than the last “Java, Clouds and Cost Driven Architectures” 2021 keynote. So: your questions are highly appreciated.