Keynote: Using Your Coding Powers for Good in a World That Doesn’t Always Feel that Way

by | Mar 8, 2022 | Voxxed Days Bucharest 2022

Mark Heckler is a software developer & Principal Cloud Developer Advocate for Java/JVM Languages at Microsoft, conference speaker, Java Champion, and Kotlin Developer Expert focused on developing innovative production-ready software at velocity for cloud and edge computing platforms. He has worked with key players in numerous industries and public sector organizations to develop and deliver critical capabilities on time and on budget. Mark is an open source contributor and author of Spring Boot: Up and Running.

Mark lives with his very understanding wife in St. Louis, MO USA.

We’re developers, and we solve problems often just because we’re “wired that way”. Even so, sometimes it feels like bad news is just a harbinger of…more bad news. Do you ever just feel overwhelmed and mentally exhausted by the madness that is going on in the world?

But we are developers. People of action. And we have tools that we can put to work to maybe, just maybe, contribute a little to the positive side of the balance sheet.

In this session, the presenter will share the thought processes that led to the creation of the OSEW system, the Open Source Early Warning system. OSEW monitors publicly-available aviation APIs and allows its user(s) to define geographical boundaries to monitor, country/ies of origin for flights of interest, and flight track information; this enables OSEW to detect and notify of inbound flights of interest.

The presenter will also show how to take an idea, identify and choose public APIs for use, and build a minimum viable system of microservices that accomplishes the following things:

  • Gets you moving, productively
  • Allows you to deliver something useful quickly
  • Serves as a foundation for more/better functionality
  • Inspires you to build a better world

Come to this session for a live-coding adventure(TM) as the presenter takes the first fast, halting first steps on the path to promise. Pull requests welcome.