From Enterprise Architecture to Software Design – Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

by | Mar 15, 2022 | Voxxed Days Bucharest 2022

Aurelian Apostol is Java Developer and Team Lead at DB Global Technology with an extensive 15 years of coding experience built in ecommerce, mobile ecosystems and banking technology. He has never developed just apps, but ecosystems. He believes that anyone working on a tech product must regard it as “a living and breathing thing” which needs to be fully cared of during its lifecycle. 

Architecture and software design are abstract processes, that’s a fact. They can hardly be completed by an individual alone and need the power of all team members in a strive for perfection. We will approach software design from a different angle: as a creative process, with infinite perspectives, allowing us to create new forms, new technologies and be free thinkers.

The presentation will offer useful tips for engineers on how to get involved in the design process and decision making, by presenting some use cases from top companies where multiple solutions are great candidates. We will look into solution designs, security flaws and ways of enforcing security in simple ways, and also library and framework design for projects.

And we will show the merits of cross team efforts, from Business to BA, Architect, Infrastructure and Developers.