Full-day workshop:

Customer Discovery through Design Thinking

The purpose of this course is to help people discover what questions to ask, talk to real users of nearby service (restaurant, hotel etc.) or
workshop colleagues, extract insights and ideate solutions. The collaborative and intense workshop setup
will keep participants focused on the workflow, mindset, principles and toolkit of Design Thinking.

Why this workshop?

– You are not your customer – doing a lot of work based solely on assumptions is risky business

– It is now more important than ever to build meaningful product experiences that people love to use

– When going from idea to product most technical teams do a poor job validating their ideas with customers

– Before writing the first lines of code, you should solve the unmet needs and customer problems

– Applied correctly, the Design Thinking toolkit is a valuable method for de-risking your projects

What will you learn?

– How to find out what really matters to customers and how to develop a product / service accordingly. You will work on a real business challenge, and you will talk to real users.

– How to apply design principles to discover unmet needs, hidden possibilities, and unpredictable creative solutions.

– How to practice principles of empathy and experimentation to encourage and stimulate creativity and initiative in the team.

– How to think collaboratively with other participants.

– How to explore ambiguous and uncertain meanings.

Who is the trainer?

Tudor is a co-founder of the Design Thinking Society, with 15 years of experience in User Experience Design and Digital Product Management in four service companies in Telecom, Banking and Energy. The services and products he worked on are used by several million people. In the last 3 years, together with his colleagues from the Design Thinking Society, Tudor facilitates design and innovation processes together with teams that build new products and services. He likes to work with teams that want to make people’s lives better through design, innovation and technology, whether they are startup teams, corporations or NGOs.

Tudor loves to work with creative innovators on diverse projects and give something back, so he is often helping startups – as a mentor at Innovation Labs and MVP Academy accelerators. Sometimes he speaks at meetups and conferences on Innovation and Human Centered Design topics.

You can learn more about Tudor and follow his thoughts on Twitter, LinkedIN or his Facebook Page.he area of software architecture

Technical requirements:




Co-founder of Design Thinking Society