Full-day workshop

This workshop is important because it will give you all the knowledge necessary to start deploying your applications on Kubernetes in a production-ready manner.

Why this workshop?

Kubernetes has become the de-facto platform for orchestrating containers.

Since Docker containers have become a thing, more and more developers have started adopting them for easier application development.

By standardizing environments, they have been to push code faster to production and deliver features to end users with great agility.

However, running containers in production still had lots of manual labor involved in making decisions about where to schedule the applications.

Kubernetes addressed these problems by treating servers as cattle instead of pets, so applications have become first-class citizens, instead of servers.

This has brought many advantages to infrastructure platforms, such as:

– Scalability

– Fault Tolerance

– Developer Productivity

What will you learn?

Kubernetes Internals:

Objectives: Understand the inner workings of Kubernetes. Be able to provision from scratch, scale, backup, restore and troubleshoot a live Kubernetes cluster 

  • Understand Kubernetes Primitives
  • Understand Kubernetes Architecture

 Kubernetes Operations:

Objective: Provide an overview of how to use Kubernetes as a developer and Kubernetes operator. Learn the basics of launching an application, debugging, and troubleshooting.  

  • Learn how to deploy apps by Ccreatingreate Manifest Files,
  • Learn how to standardize app deployment thourgh Helm Charts,
  • Learn how to access apps deployed on Kubernetes (Publicly Exposing Applications)

Kubernetes Tooling:

Objective: Provide an overview of automatic deployment and observability

  • Building an E2E CI/CD pipeline using the Argo toolset
  • Monitoring Your Kubernetes Cluster and your Applications

    Who is the trainer?

    Andrei Petrescu leads the DevOps department at CloudHero, and has been working with Kubernetes in production since 2017. He has a bachelor degree in Computer Science from the Politehnic University of Bucharest and has helped tens of companies, startups to enterprises on their cloud and Kubernetes journeys.

    He also holds the following certifications:

    – CKA (Certified Kubernetes Administrator)

    – AWS Professional Solutions Architect

    – Google Cloud Architect

    Technical requirements:

    A personal laptop with an internet connection



    Lead of the DevOps department @ CloudHero