The new Spring Security authorization server: A new hope!

by | Sep 2, 2022 | Voxxed Days Cluj 2022

Laurențiu Spilcă is a dedicated development lead and trainer at Endava, where he leads the development of various projects used in various places in the world, from Europe to EU, and Asia. As a Java instructor, he delivered thousands of hours of training to 3000+ students in the past 10 years, recently being involved in courses at the Mathematics and Informatics Faculty of Bucharest University. During the previous couple of years, he delivered presentations, tutorials, and workshops at different important events around the world: in Bucharest, New York, San Francisco, Warsaw, Belgrad, Berlin, and many more.

To keep close to the community, he has also started a YouTube channel dedicated to Java and adjacent technologies where he presents topics for beginner to advanced developers. Recently, Laurentiu released together with Manning Publications the books “Spring Security In Action”, and “Spring Start Here”. Currently, I’m writing the third book “How to Read Java” which is available as early access. Outside of work, Laurentiu is passionate about traveling, music, and scuba diving.

In this session, we discuss implementing an authorization server using the new Spring Security Authorization Server project

OAuth 2 and OpenID Connect are tremendously important today since they represent the most used standards for implementing authentication in apps. Spring apps are no exception to this approach. We’ll start with a refresher on OAuth 2 and OpenID Connect and remember shortly how an authorization server was configured using the Spring Security OAuth project (now deprecated). Then, we’ll work on an example where we implement an authorization server using the new approach -the Spring Security Authorization Server project. You’ll learn how to use the new project to write your custom authorization server but also what advantages this project brings above the old-fashioned way.