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Eleftheria Batsou


Eleftheria is a Community Manager at Hashnode by day and a developer/UXer by night. Her studies include a major in Informatics and Telecommunications of engineering and a master's in Graphic Arts and Multimedia. She has created tech courses for several platforms such as Packt, Udemy, and Skillshare and she likes to produce motivational talks and how-to videos on her YouTube channel. She is self-motivated and working hard to make this world a little bit better every day.

When she isn't glued to a computer screen, Eleftheria spends time working out and strolling in nature. Her friends would describe her as easy-going, passionate about life and the fastest chocolate eater.

It’s easy to create good looking products, but what about useful ones?

Mind the Geek

What to expect:

  • UX vs UI: The two different perspectives of UX and UI, the importance of each, what does a UX designer do, what does a UI designer do, the different categories of UX as well as UI.
  • About Heuristics: What is the heuristic evaluation? How to conduct an effective heuristic evaluation? why do we need it?
  • The 10 Usability Heuristics (by Jakob Nielson and Don Norman): With tips and examples.
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of UX: Quick tips about UX researchers and designers having always in mind the user.
  • The Good and the Bad of UI: Presenting in a fun way how a good designer works VS a bad designer.