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Vlad Carcu Dobrin

Cognizant Softvision

Vlad has worked as a Java Developer since 2006 and for the past years he has also been in various tech lead or team lead positions, managing teams up to 5 people for both maintenance and greenfield projects, local or remote teams.

He's excited about learning and teaching others, and does this by reading, attending, and presenting at technical conferences, and also through volunteer work in a local NGO.

Currently, he is also a Community Lead in Cognizant Softvision's Enterprise Coffee Community, helping others grow and develop their careers.

Enforcing Best Practices Through Design

The objective of the talk is to highlight the differences between hexagonal and layered architectures for projects. They will revolve around object-oriented best practices and usage in microservice-based architectures. And, of course, we'll look at code to better understand the differences.

Code Review