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Ko Turk


Ko Turk is an experienced developer working for Blue4IT. He is focussing on Java, Kotlin and isn't afraid to code in Typescript.

He likes to write articles for the Dutch NLJUG JavaMagazine. Also he is regularly speaking at international conferences about

Apache Kafka Streams, Micrometer and Kotlin. Because he doesn't like bull it slide presentations, you can find him (live) coding at stage.

You can also find him at the UtrechtJUG and love to have a chat!

He is always available at Twitter @KoTurk77

How we build and migrated our Spring Boot applications to Kotlin (live coding)


Let’s grab the IDE for some live coding: “We’re going to transform a Spring Boot application build in Java to Kotlin!”

Moving a simple application is relatively easy, but if you’re dealing with a large codebase, it can be a little tricky.

What are the strategies to move? You can perhaps move by module or by layer, but there are many other ways.

And how can you convince the business or even architects to create your code in Kotlin?

These are the first steps you need to take before even touching your application.

And then? Yes, the fun begins!

We will do some significant improvements in our code like:

  • Using scoped functions against nullability.
  • Moving domain models
  • Replacing for loops, if statements and switch occurrences to make our code readable!
  • Rewriting asynchronous code blocks with coroutines!
  • Going reactive with Kotlin.

Join the Kotlin movement!