Everything new in Spring Security 6 baked with a Spring Boot 3 recipe
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)

The end of 2022 brought the Spring ecosystem again into the spotlights!

Spring Boot 3 was released together with many other additions, which include Spring Security 6.

Are you thinking about upgrading your Spring system? Join me in this practical session to discuss what's new from a Spring Security perspective and why you should care. We'll touch on the changes from the deprecation and removal of WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter to the new Spring Security authorization server project.

Laurentiu Spilca

LAURENŢIU SPILCĂ is a dedicated development lead and trainer at

Endava, where he is responsible for leading and consulting on multiple

projects from various locations in Europe, the United States,

and Asia. He has been working in software development since 2007.

Laurenţiu believes it’s essential to not only deliver high-quality software

but to also share knowledge and help others upskill. This belief

has driven him to design and teach courses related to Java technologies and deliver presentations

and workshops. Laurenţiu is also the author of Spring Security in Action (Manning,

2020), and he recently finished Spring Start Here (Manning, 2021).