The State of OpenTelemetry


Tracing, telemetry, metrics, and standardization are popular topics right now, but the development is so quick that it also confuses. This talk gives an overview of standards, projects, and how they all tie together.

  • Starting with OpenTracing, then W3C Trace-Context, and now OpenTelemetry there are plenty of standards, but what do or don’t they cover?
  • Which parts of OpenTelemetry are ready for production (and widely used) and what’s still in the works?
  • What are the features and limits of auto-instrumentation and where do you need to (still) manually instrument?
  • What is everyone’s experience with OpenTelemetry so far?

Scheduled on Thursday from 15:00 to 15:40 (Europe/Bucharest) in Track 2


Philipp Krenn


Philipp lives to demo interesting technology. Having worked as a web, infrastructure, and database engineer for over ten years, Philipp is now a developer advocate and EMEA team lead at Elastic — the company behind the Elastic Stack consisting of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash. Based in Vienna, Austria, he is constantly traveling Europe and beyond to speak and discuss open source software, search, databases, infrastructure, and security — hopefully soon again 😷