Going passwordless with Web Authentication

Modern Languages

In their talk, Going passwordless with Web Authentication, Bogdan and Mihaita will discuss password vulnerability, explainers, damage control, secure second-factor login, topped off with biometric-based authentication using open web standards.

Here are a few aspects you will learn if you join their talk:

Most common vulnerabilities related to passwords

Web Authentication standard and its strengths

A walkthrough of the main interactions tied to Web Authentication

Easy adoption with a Spring Boot library and a collection of Web Components

Where you can use Web Authentication today

Why OTPs won't always protect you

Scheduled on Friday from 11:50 to 12:30 (Europe/Bucharest) in Track 1

Security Breaches
Security Improvements
Security Mechanism
Web Components
Spring Security
Spring Boot

Mihaita Tinta

ING Tech

Mihaita Tinta is a developer with 10+ years of experience who’s delivered numerous mobile and web applications along the way. He is an avid learner, constantly on the lookout for the latest developments in the industry.

Bogdan Arvinte

ING Tech

Front-end developer for over 10 years, passionate about open standards, emerging technologies, and open-source. I enjoy sharing my knowledge through teaching and coaching.