Wired! How your brain learns new (programming) languages

Mind the Geek

How much do you know about the computer that you are? The computer we call "our brain"? And do you sometimes struggle with learning the new programming languages or the features of a new Java version (let's say Java 17)? Yes?! In that case, this talk is something for you!

In this talk we'll go over 10 comparisons between Tech and Linguistics. In the first half you'll learn more about the theoretical/technical part of the brain. This will give you a peek under the hood before going to the second half of the talk. In this part we're going to look at the practical side of things. How can we use the knowledge of the first half to be able to learn faster and better. 

As a previous speech-and-language therapist I would like to give you a better understanding of how we learn a new language, which parts of the brain are involved and how this knowledge can help us in the never-ending changing world of software development!

Scheduled on Thursday from 09:05 to 09:50 (Europe/Bucharest) in Track 1

Simone de Gijt


Simone is a 30 year old scuba dive fanatic, who loves to dance, sing and go on adventures. She lives in Amsterdam and is currently working for OpenValue Amsterdam, for who she's a Java and Kotlin software developer consultant. 


In her own time she volunteers as an educator on high schools about gender diversity and sexuality. Her passion, next to programming, is to make the world a little kinder.


She loves to be in a group, mingle, collaborate, talk and explain. But she wouldn’t want to work without the excitement and satisfaction she feels when developing a new feature. She's defined by the combination: social but nerdy!