Your unit tests are trying to tell you something
Keynote (INTERMEDIATE level)
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If tests are hard to write, the production design is crappy - goes an old saying. Indeed, writing unit tests gives you one of the most comprehensive, yet brutal, feedback about the design of your production code, but if it comes too late, many developers can’t stand it anymore and they will either stop testing or test more superficially. At the other extreme, others struggle to write contrived, fragile tests full of mocks that end up frustrating more than helping them. This talk reviews the main hints that unit tests provide you, from the most obvious improvements to some of the most subtle design principles.

Victor Rentea

Victor is a Java Champion, and Trainer writing code for over two decades. He regularly shares his passion about Refactoring, Architecture, and Unit Testing with the Bucharest Software Crafters Community that he founded, today one of the largest in the world. He gives intense conference talks that aim to educate in an live, entertaining way. On you can find past talks, training offer, video classes, and social channels.