Building Hyperfast APIs using gRPC
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)

When it comes to reliable and performant APIs, there is mutual agreement that companies need them altogether to stay competitive in an ever-changing ecosystem. Ștefan Dascălu will look at how Google Protobuf works with gRPC to obtain faster and consistent APIs and show you what Protobufs has to offer in terms of reliability and simplicity. He will also demonstrate in this session how gRPC connection delivers on scalability, polyglotism and bi-directional streaming.

Stefan Dascalu
ING Hubs Romania

Ștefan Dascălu is a Java supporter who loves experimenting with JVM frameworks to get the best APIs performance. As a team lead in the Financial Markets area at ING Hubs Romania he manages a team who develops that is being used by risk managers and traders across different units in the ING Group. He is currently involved in a massive project delivering data for computing risk measures. Leisure time is time well spent, be it playing squash or other competitive sports.