Systematic(ally) breaking down the monolith
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)

A journey about going from monolith to microservices, from context to decision.

Have you wondered how the theoretical best practices differ from reality?

“Are microservices good for our application?”, “Why should we go to cloud-native and how to get there?”, “How about legacy?” – Join us to discover how there is really no perfect answer!

Mihaela Gheorghe

Mihaela Gheorghe is a Software Developer and a University Assistant Teacher with more than 10 years of experience in domains such as Telecom and Defense. Currently, she works as a Lead Systems Engineer @Systematic, part of the Defence team department, developing applications both in the back-end and front-end areas. She is a reliable developer that likes to break down every challenge and enjoys giving a helping hand whenever her expertise is needed.

Catalina Dobre

In over 9 years of her career, Catalina has worked with different applications in various fields, focusing mainly on software development, using technologies such as Java, Spring, Angular, but also design pattern concepts, architecture and security, which helped when moving from Systems Engineer to Software Architect. Currently, Catalina is a Senior Architect and deals with Command & Control software for NATO member countries. When she is not trying to move the monolithic application into the future of microservices, Catalina makes a lot of Legos and puzzles, reads and plays video games.