The art to define and test System Quality Attributes


Every project has a unique list of quality attributes. It’s the task of the architect to prioritize ones among the others and frequently architects are dealing even with contradicting System Quality attributes with different stakeholders.

In this session, Volodymyr will outline workable practices to define the most important System Quality Attributes based on a variety of executed projects. The practices of explaining Quality Attributes in a non-technical environment and options to prioritize them, define measurable metrics, and finally anchor them using proper tests via CI routine. Different real-life examples will be presented in this session along with available end2end solutions, and tools to measure the actual implementation of quality attributes.

Scheduled on Thursday from 16:45 to 17:45 (Europe/Bucharest) in Track 3

Volodymyr Fedak


Volodymyr Fedak is a highly-qualified Technology expert, that holds a Ph.D. degree in Artificial Intelligence and has been working in the IT Industry for 20 years. Currently leading team of Architects with significant experience and expertise in IoT, AI, Security, and Cloud Computing. Volodymyr takes the position of Engineering Director at SoftServe, and successfully leads a variety of complex projects. Strong expertise allows Volodymyr to supervise projects with different scales level and team sizes, including various aspects of software development, processes, and methodology. As a man of science, Volodymyr constantly works on scientific publications, today he is the author of more than 20 articles on Computer Vision and a regular speaker at conferences globally. Additionally,  Volodymyr actively contributes to the SoftServe architecture community and is co-author of several publications in this space.