Challenges of microservices/distributed systems


When a software project becomes (too) successful, it has a high chance to become ‘too big’ for a monolithic deployment. The ‘everything in one place’ model may become too much to handle, for a series of reasons.

If a project reaches that stage, one of the main solutions is to split it into a series of collaborating (micro)services, which would be managed quasi-independently. However, splitting a project and making the components collaborate successfully entails a series of challenges.

Scheduled on Thursday from 15:15 to 16:15 (Europe/Bucharest) in Track 2

Nicolas Boitout

INETUM Romania

Nicolas Boitout has been a data-scientist for the past 20y. He is living in Bucharest for almost 10y now, so he had the chance to see the take-off of this industry, around UiPath. He became indeed the lead of a Center of Excellence on “AI, Analytics & Automation” for Societe Generale in town. He led the effort to develop the usage of data analytics and solutions like RPA for its shared services centers of Bucharest & India/Bangalore & Chennai.

He joined Inetum Romania recently – a company of 500 IT experts locally, and 26,000 worldwide. Nicolas is now leading INETUM Romania – a company dedicated to IT services.

Bogdan Solga

Bogdan Solga is a technical trainer and consultant, especially for the Java, Spring, DevOps and distributed systems landscape. He has approximately 15 years of software architecture, development and leadership experience and approximately 5 years of experience in the delivery of training, mentoring and consulting on enterprise Java projects.


His main area of interest is the end-to-end enterprise software project management, with a focus on providing the appropriate technical solutions based on the business needs. As a big proponent of ‘less is more’, he is striving to provide ‘good enough’ approaches and solutions for challenging enterprise architectures.